The chaff cutter is a necessary addition to the lines for the production of pellets and briquettes.

The chaff cutter is designed for grinding of biomass of all kinds of dry chaff (cereals, legumes, rape) packed in the cylindrical bales of 1.5 m in diameter and of 1.5 m in length.
The resulting fraction has a length up to 8 cm and is ready for further briquetting by all kinds of presses, both hammer-impact and extruder (auger) and hydraulic.
The grinded raw materials are also suitable for pelleting (granulation) by most kinds of pelletizing (granulating) machines without further grinding.

The chaff infeed to the chaff cutter is made through the feed table (it is included into the supply package).
The chaff cutter of our production has the following advantages:

  • simplicity and ease of maintenance;
  • high reliability and safety of operation;
  • low power consumption and operating costs for maintenance;
  • longevity.
ІП 16/08 with the feed table ІП 18/08
Performance 1-2 t/h
Incoming raw material bale 1m X 0,8m X 1,5m
Humidity up to 35 %
Installed capacity 33 kW
Supply 380 V × 50 Hz
Dimensions 2,780×2,380×2,650 mm
4,000×1,800×1,665 mm
Weight 1,860 kg