Processing industry

The mechanical picker is a rotor, which includes the rotary shaft with knives. It is designed to remove labels and particles of dirt from the surface of PET bottles using the knives. The cleaned PET bottles enter the next technological operation. The homogeneous particles removed from the PET bottles are collected into the big-bags. It is completed with the fan, which separates the detached label upon unloading of the raw materials.

мех сепаратор3


LS500 LS600
Rotor diameter 500 mm 570 mm
Rotor length 3500 mm 3740 mm
Power 11 kW, 1,443 r.p.m. 18.5 kW, 1,443 r.p.m.
Weight 1100 kg 2046 kg
Rotary sieve dimensions Diameter 500 mm 600 mm
Length 2300 mm 2300 mm
Diameter of sieve holes 40 mm 40 mm
Overall dimensions Height 2480 mm 270 mm
Length 2600 mm 3780 mm
Width 900 mm 1180 mm