Processing industry

Air classification includes separation of the grinded dried PET raw materials from residues of paper, dust and other light impurities.
The technological process includes:
– taking of the raw materials from the previous installation and their transporting to the aspiration installation by the pneumotransport;
– air classification of the raw materials – separation of light impurities in the air classification column and their separation to the waste bin by the pneumotransport.


Purpose Separation of heavy fractions (PET flakes), which fall in the collector of the raw materials, from the light fractions – dust, paper particles and labels that are separated by a counter air flow and waste out through the cyclone collector
Installation composition • unloading cyclone collector;
• column;
• collector of the raw materials;
• aspiration fan B500M;
• frame.
Dimensions, mm height 6000
length 3400
width 1900