Processing industry

Air PE/PP Cleaning Line performs cleaning of PE/PP from waste of PET bottle processing (labels, corks).
Such line can operate as a separate line and be a continuation of PET Bottle Processing Line.

At each stage the raw materials are cleaned from dust, large and light impurities, PET, PVC and other foreign impurities. At the final stage of the water-air cleaning, the cleaned raw materials are separated from water and particles up to 2 mm and come into the big-bags.

The line includes the following technological units:

1. Receiver
2. Fan В500
3. Cyclone collector Ц600
4. Separation column “Zigzag”
5. Fan 3.15 with the cyclone collector Ц600 and frame
6. Receiver with the fan В500 with the cyclone collector Ц600 and frame
7. Electric cabinet