Military industry

Goods of military industry

The weapon station rotary support is part of the weapon station and is designed for control and guidance of weapon, which is manually installed on it.

The device is installed on the armoured combat vehicle of light class with wheel formula 4×4 “Dozor-B”, which is a multi-purpose protected vehicle for transportation of combat personnel, weapons and military equipment weighing up to 2 tons during the military operations.

It can be easily installed on the light armoured vehicles of the type BBM (armoured combat vehicles), BTR (armoured personnel carriers), MMP (armoured infantry carriers) and stationary military points. It can be used to monitor the surrounding area.

Weapon structure (installed on the weapon station):

  • Machine gun 7.62 mm
  • It is completed with the ammunition racking and tape traps

Observation and pointing (installed on the weapon station):

  • ПЗУ-7

Weapons control:

  • horizontally 360°
  • vertically -5˚… +40˚