Meat processing industry

Scalding and Hair Flaying Machine ІВ-144

This is a modern equipment for the scalding of pigs. It is designed for carcasses with a maximum weight of 220 kilograms. It may be made of stainless or galvanized steel. The heat carrier in the dehairer conveyor is a technical oil. Depending on the requests of the customer, it can be heated with electricity, gas or pellet torches.


Performance 30-100 pcs./h
Weight abt. 700 kg
Energy consumption 380 V
Maximum power consumption 5.2 kW
Shaft speed for bristles abt. 122 r.p.m.
Maximum weight of carcasses 220 kg
Speed of bristles removal 15-30 sec.
ошпарочно-волосогінна машина
Scalding and Hair Flaying Machine ІВ-141

This is the two-shaft dehairer conveyor ІВ-141 designed for efficient and rapid cleaning of pig carcasses weighing up to 150 kg of bristles, through the special rubber “paws” with blades suspended to the shaft that rotate it.

The carcase is loaded automatically, then processed and loaded to the reception table.

The machine can be made of stainless steel or galvanized metal on request of the customer. The shaft drive, machine control and electrical cabinet are built into the machine body.


Performance Up to 20 pcs./h
Maximum weight of carcasses 150 kg
Maximum power consumption 31.5 kW
Outer dimensions 3,050/1,000/1,500 mm