Processing industry

LDPE, HDPE Processing Line is used for recycling, namely for contaminated LDPE, HDPE and other waste of polymer production. The final product, obtained after polymer processing, is the chopped cleaned PE flakes.

The recycled PE flakes are used further to produce household and industrial wastes, containers and cans, various blown parts, chemicals and liquids, beer boxes, etc.


Performance on incoming raw materials abt. 600 kg/h (+/- 20%)
Total installed capacity abt. 297 kW
Consumed power up to 70%
Nominal voltage 380 V
Current frequency 50 Hz
Water consumption up to 4 m3/h


Band conveyor ПП-4 1 pkg.
Metal detector 1080х800 1 pkg.
Crusher 600х1000 ДР 610/2 1 pkg.
Auger Ш200/ПЕТ 1 pkg.
Infeed auger ЗШ010 3 pkgs.
Dynamic centrifuge ДЦ3 3 pkgs.
Static centrifuge ЦС640 3 pkgs.
Floating tank ПП-1 2 pkgs.
Waste auger ПП-2 2 pkgs.
Auger drying press SP400 1 pkg.
Washing auger Ш200/
1 pkg.
Crusher 500х600 ДР 56 1 pkg.
Fan В 500 М 1 pkg.
Cyclone collector Ц800 1 pkg.
Storage hopper ПП-13 1 pkg.
Pipeline system 1 pkg.
Electric cabinet 1 pkg.