Processing industry

We offer a number of sinks that perform cleaning and separation functions, taking into account characteristics of different stages of the raw materials processing.

Floating ПП-1 Hot ПП-9 Cold ІП-22/09 Friction ІП-1010
Appearance Tank with the water; the auger conveyor is located at the bottom and the rotors with blades are installed at the top of the tank. Tank with the water, water-front and chemical station for the preparation of detergents. Structure and working principle are similar to the hot sink, but it works without detergent and hot water. Inclined closed tank; the mesh inner tank with internal longitudinal axial auger rotor is located inside it.
Purpose Along with washing it occurs separation of polymer labels, corks, rings and foreign impurities (relative density is less than one) and PET raw materials (density is more than one). Washing of PET flakes in an aqueous solution of chemically active detergents is at the temperature of 70-95°C. Rinsing of PET flakes of technical contaminants residues and detergents. Due to high rotor rotation frequency and constant circulation of detergents it occurs an intense mixing, washing and transportation of raw materials to the upper discharge neck.
Features May be used as cold. Completed with the chemical station and auger for separation of other polymers. Upon secondary rinsing the water supply to the sink is continuous (it is selected experimentally by the operator depending on the raw material contamination and is regulated by the water valve). Diameter of the sieve holes is 2ч3 mm, nominal transportation distance is 2,216 mm, diameter of the exhaust neck is 300 mm, diameter of the drain pipe is 152 mm, size of the inlet pipe cross section is 450 mm. The required water pressure for irrigation is 1.5ч3.0 bar.
Dimensions, mm Height 3070 mm Tank storage capacity – 6.1 m3 3370 mm 3370 mm 2790 mm
Length 6970 mm 5500 mm 5500 mm 920 mm
Width 2035 mm 4000 mm 4000 mm 3100 mm
Performance up to 1000 kg/h 1000 kg/h 1000 kg/h up to 1200 kg/h
Installed electric capacity 4,3 kW 98 kW 4,5 kW 18 kW
Rotor-mixer rotation frequency 187 r.p.m. 1500 r.p.m.
Weight 2600 kg 1420 kg