Processing industry

The Big-Bag Filling Installations are located at the end of the processing line and perform the function of dense big-bag filling with the raw materials obtained as a result of their going through all the line stages.
The dry clean PET flakes in the final form fall within the big-bags, and they are fully suitable for the secondary use.

Big-bag filling installation Big-Bag filling installation ПП-10
ЦВЧ.00 БСЧ.00
Purpose Transportation of PET flakes from the separation installation to the final stage of the technological process, followed by packaging into the containers. Collection and receipt of the light fraction (dust, paper particles and labels). Filling and compacting of the big-bag with the raw materials (up to 1 t) using a pneumatic system.
Overall dimensions height 5350 mm 3840 mm 5800 mm
length 2840 mm 1620 mm 2780 mm
width 1620 mm 1520 mm 1270 mm
Completeness – unloading cyclone collector
– magnetic picker
– distributor
– Cyclone collector 600
– Pneumatic cylinders 40m2L100A400 Сamozzi (8 pcs.)
– Magnetic picker П8БММ