Turning-tilting units for the trolley buses ПЗП

Transport Industry

The plant has designed and manufacture the turning-tilting units for the trolley buses

They serve for:

  • power connection of two elements;
  • smooth and safe transportation and transfer of the passengers from one element to another, as well as they ensure complete safety of the passengers, being in the connection zone or moving through it;
  • protection from atmospheric conditions (rain, wind, etc.).


Operating temperature mode from -25º С to +35º С
Thickness of the channelled shield not less than 1,15 mm
Coefficient of the shield heat transfer from 2 kcal/m h º С
Value of the shield sound insulation not more than Rw = 14-15 dB
Material of the joint assembly floor aluminium plate with the skid-resistant corrugation
Manoeuvrability of the TTU structure Outer radius of the road R= 12.5 m
Inner radius of the road R= 5.3 m
Removal of body U= 1.2 m
Maximum rotation angle left and right not more than 54º
Compliance with the requirements complies with the State Standards of Ukraine DSTU UN/ECE R 36-03-2005