Articulation units for trolleybuses PZP

Transport Industry

Our factory has designed and now manufactures articulation units for trolleybuses

They are used for:

  • power connection between two parts of a vehicle;
  • unimpeded and safe passengers’ transportation and their movement from one part of a vehicle to another (our articulation units also ensure the complete safety of passengers, that are in the connection area or move through it);
  • weather protection (rain, wind, etc.).


Operating temperature from -25º С to +35º С
Corrugated casing’s thickness not less than 1,15 mm
Corrugated casing’s heat transfer coefficient from 2 kcal/m h º С
Corrugated casing’s sound insulation not more than Rw = 14-15 dB
Floor material aluminium plate with the skid-resistant corrugation
Maneuverability outer radius of the road R= 12.5 m
inner radius of the road R= 5.3 m
Body removal U= 1.2 m
Maximum rotation angle, left and right not more than 54º
Compliance with the requirements complies with the State Standards of Ukraine DSTU UN/ECE R 36-03-2005