The pellet torch of our production is automatic and self-cleaning torch on the non-fouling pellets (granules of sawdust and wood chips). It is designed to work with the central heating boilers on solid fuels, as well as some gas and oil boilers (with the combustion chamber, allowing the selection of ash). The torch is an environmentally friendly unit, it has low level of exhaust emissions and low energy consumption. The torch works with the room thermostat, maintaining the desired temperature in the apartment, so its maintenance requires only fuel replenishment and selection of ash.

Torch advantages:

  • automatic, self-cleaning pellet torch
  • installation in the boiler doors
  • complete automation: furnace ignition, extinguishing, waiting, etc.
  • smooth power modulation
  • compact design
  • high efficiency coefficient – more than 94%
  • low electricity consumption: 20-40 W/h
  • environmental friendliness – low exhaust emission
  • works with room thermostat
  • availability of remote start, extinguishing and operation control via the GSM network (optional)
  • automatic switch of the torch after the loss of electric current
  • there is no boiler overheating in the absence of electricity
  • maintenance requires only fuel replenishment in the container and timely ash clearing (every two weeks)
  • wide power range.
Value (kW) 25 40 50 60 70 80
1 Performance max/min (kW) 25/5 40/5 50/10 60/10 70/10 80/10
2 Fan power (W) 45 45 85 85 85 85
3 Voltage (W) ~230
4 Igniter power (W) 170
5 Prevention (А) 5
6 Necessary draft in the chimney flue (Ра) 5-15