Processing industry

The Accumulator Battery Processing Line has a capacity of up to 900 kg of incoming raw materials per hour. Its purpose includes crushing, washing and drying of the battery case material with its division into polypropylene (battery case material) and waste containing lead.

INCOMING RAW MATERIAL: Open cases without metal parts and acid.

FINAL PRODUCT: washed and dried polypropylene pieces of given fraction (up to 12 mm) prepared for further processing (for example, granulation) and pasta with lead content of some moisture, suitable for further processing by the metallurgical method.

There is used a system of collection and recovery of reused water (water treatment system) from the mechanical impurities in the line, helping to significantly save on water consumption.


Performance on incoming raw materials* up to 900 kg/h
Polypropylene performance on the output* up to 400 kg/h
Total installed capacity up to 160 kW
Consumed power up to 70%
Nominal voltage 380 V
Current frequency 50 Hz
Water consumption 3-4 m3 per day and night

* – performance indicators may deviate by 10%.


Infeed hopper 1 pkg.
Inclined band conveyor 1 pkg.
Electronic metal detector 1 pkg.
Crusher ДР-58 1 pc.
Inclined reloading auger 1 pc.
Friction washer 1 pc.
Floating washer 1 pc.
ДDynamic washing centrifuge with the intake auger 1 pkg.
Static centrifuge 1 pkg.
Crusher ДР-56 1 pc.
Electromagnet 1 pc.
Polypropylene storage hopper with the pneumotransport system 1 pkg.
Integrated system of collection and recovery of reused water that also includes the vibratory cleaning system, pumps and holding tank of 8 m2 1 pkg.
Electronic control cabinet 1 pkg.

* – The list of units may be changed depending on the Customer’s needs.